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#CranfieldDBA Reunion 2014


It was lovely to catch up with some of our DBA Alumni on 2nd July – and a huge thank you to all those who contributed to the day’s events: Alumni, Faculty Supervisors, Current Researchers and Research Office and Alumni Office Staff.

Dr Alice Maynard set the scene for the evening BBQ event by delivering an inspirational presentation entitled ‘Curiouser & Curiouser: Building a portfolio career from a rabbit hole’.
Here are some related links from Alice:
End the Awkward –
Strip for Scope! –

Congratulations to Alice on all of her recent achievements:

We hope to see you all again in 2015 and look forward to hearing all about your year!

Cranfield International Executive Doctorate (DBA)

Mohamed Aljunaibi: My #CranfieldDBA Research

Mohamed Aljunaibi, Cranfield International Executive Doctorate (DBA) Researcher explains his research interest around talent management in the procurement function.

Cranfield International Executive Doctorate (DBA)

Sid Simmons: My #CranfieldDBA Research

Sid Simmons, Cranfield International Executive Doctorate (DBA) Researcher explains his research interest around understanding hidden customer needs in order to segment people into groups which make sense.

Cranfield International Executive Doctorate (DBA)

John Herniman: My #CranfieldDBA Research

John Herniman, Cranfield International Executive Doctorate (DBA) Researcher explains his research interest around the role of social intrapreneurs in social innovation.

Cranfield International Executive Doctorate (DBA)

Akin Soname: My #CranfieldDBA Research

Akin Soname, Cranfield International Executive Doctorate (DBA) Researcher introduces his research with the Central Bank of Nigeria, which is looking at how context impacts on strategy implementation within organisations.

Cranfield International Executive Doctorate (DBA)

A transformation – my #CranfieldDBA story: Dr Michael McGrath & Dr Nneka Abulokwe | webcast

Dr Emma Parry, Director, International Executive Doctorate (DBA) and Reader in Human Resource Management welcomes a valuable contribution to this DBA webinar series by Dr Michael McGrath, DBA Alumnus (1999 cohort) & Co-Founder, Lainstone and Dr Nneka Abulokwe (1998 cohort), Exec Director, Operations & Governance at Steria Group.

Having completed his DBA in 2004, Michael was one of the very first to undertake the programme at Cranfield, back in 1999, with a thesis entitled `Decision Making in Unfamiliar Problem Domains: Evidence from the Investment Banking Industry`, supervised by Dr David Partington.

At the other end of the DBA Alumni timeline, Nneka completed her DBA in 2013 with a thesis entitled `From imposed to the co-developed governance processes in IT captive offshoring engagements`, supervised by Dr Jonathan Lupson.

Michael and Nneka talk us through their research and DBA experience, explaining how it has contributed to their career so far.


Further information on the programme and the DBA webinar series can be found here:

Cranfield’s Top 40: Mar, Apr, May 2014

CranfieldTop40.jpgHere are the top downloaded pieces of content from the Cranfield Collection of E-Research throughout the months of March, April and May 2014.

No Title Author(s) Jan 2014 Feb 2014 Mar 2014 Total
1 The Development and application of a bespoke organisational learning competency framework in a global organisation Tarrini, Mauro G 663 833 780 2276
2 An investigation into the notions of ‘success’ and ‘failure’ held by senior UK airline executives and their perceptions of the causes of ‘success’ Beech, J G 318 378 269 965
3 Low-cost PC-based high-fidelity infrared signature modelling and simulation Moir, Lance 262 313 300 875
4 Cross-border integration in the multinational corporation: The subsidiary management perspective Birnik, Andreas 291 221 204 716
5 Evaluation of aluminium–based coatings for cadmium replacement Chalaftris, George 229 212 211 652
6 Feature based design for jigless assembly Naing, Soe 244 222 182 648
7 Use of fungi in bioremediation of pesticides Fragoeiro, Silvia 236 205 168 609
8 Footsteps across time: the evolution, use and relevance of battlefield visits to the British Armed Forces Caddick-Adams, Peter 192 208 105 505
9 Biowaste and vegetable waste compost application to agriculture Kokkora, Maria I 176 142 143 461
10 Permanent magnet synchronous machines with fractional slot and concentrated winding configurations Fei, Wei-Zhong 170 134 137 441
11 Culture Management through the balanced scorecard: a case study Woodley, P M 149 156 119 424
12 Blast analysis of composite V-shaped hulls: an experimental and numerical approach Follett, S 130 120 153 403
13 Power and energy management of multiple energy storage systems in electric vehicles Rosario, Leon Christopher 110 141 114 395
14 British Cavalry on the Western Front 1916-1918 Kenyon, David 102 108 166 376
15 Sustained Monopolistic Business Relationships: A UK Defence Procurement Case Humphries, Andrew 98 137 121 356
16 Disinfection of grey water Winward, Gideon Paul 151 96 102 349
17 The Microwave properties of tissue and other lossy dielectrics Alabaster, Clive M 103 122 108 333
18 Application of robust control in unmanned vehicle flight control system design Al Swailem, Salah I 101 119 109 329
19 Effect of wing flexibility on aircraft flight dynamics Qiao, Yuqing 107 117 101 325
20 Data fusion methodologies for multisensor aircraft navigation systems Jia, Huamin 122 114 86 322
21 Determination of Residual Stress Distributions in Autofrettaged Thick Cylinders Gibson, Michael C 91 95 129 315
22 The Intra-organisational power of the Personnel Department in Higher Education in the UK Farndale, Elaine 97 132 77 306
23 The role of e-procurement in purchasing management Smart, Alan 107 108 70 285
24 Mathematical and computational methods of non-Newtonian, multiphase flows Sawko, Robert 91 89 105 285
25 Dynamic power distribution management for all electric aircraft Xia, Xiuxian 151 78 51 280
26 Pre-stressed advanced fibre reinforced composites fabrication and mechanical performance Krishnamurthy, S 90 96 93 279
27 Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting: Enhancing Power Output by Device Optimisation and Circuit Techniques Worthington, Emma 100 107 72 279
28 Analysis of composite wing structures with a morphing leading edge Morishima, Ryoko 97 88 94 279
29 Experimental investigation and numerical modelling of composite-honeycomb materials used in Formula 1 crash structures Lamb, A J 92 82 91 265
30 Actuation system design with electrically powered actuators Meng, Fanliang 94 91 80 265
31 Arming the British Home Guard, 1940-1944 Clarke, D M 114 70 75 259
32 The management of firm specific resources as a source of competitive advantage Burton-Taylor, Sarah 78 82 97 257
33 Transforming systems engineering principles into integrated project team practice Arnold, Stuart 92 85 76 253
34 The strategic response of full service airlines to the low cost carrier threat and the perception of passengers to each type of carrier O’Connell, John F 82 92 79 253
35 Disinfection of swimming pool water Bullock, Gillian 72 95 85 252
36 Models for the Dynamic Simulation of Tank Track Components Allen, Paul 72 79 97 248
37 Ensuring Sustained Beneficial outcomes for water and sanitation (WATSAN) programmes in the developing world. Mathew, Brian 74 95 72 241
38 Investigating the factors influencing RDX shock sensitivity Hudson, R J 88 70 83 241
39 Techno-economic study of gas turbine in pipeline applications Nasir, Abdulkarim 73 77 90 240
40 The Role, Design and Operation of Distribution Centres in Agile Supply Chains Baker, Peter 81 81 75 237

The VUCA World

Prof Richard Wilding OBE talks to James Lennon, Procter & Gamble about today’s VUCA World (Volatile, Unpredictable, Complex, Ambiguous World) and P&G’s strategy for improving dynamics using collaboration and Business Intelligence and creating agility across total supply chains.

Agile Supply Chain Research Club


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